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And the lemmings all sing 'tra-la-la'

Went to the RDA/AT chat yesterday and it was fairly outstanding :) Most of the questions were lame, nothing most of us couldn't have answered ourselves, but Amanda redeemed it with some great ship comments. And then there was the whole thing with the cabana boys and cocktails and poodles and smelling. Not sure exactly what to make of it all, but it seemed like they were having a good time. Of course the MS/DJ fans ('cause let's face it, they sure ain't SG fans) were skulking and scowling. Seems RDA talked too much. Damn the man! Talking in a chat where he's one of the guests! The gall!

(Hehehe. By the way, the translation of "talking too much" into normalspeak is "not talking enough about MS/DJ" [But you all knew that]. Get over it, girls! Everyone is, besides you and Mikey Shanks.)

Speaking of Shanksy-boy, I hope he has that shelf ready for the Emmy he's going to get for "All Around The Town". Whew. Powerful stuff, that. He had me totally convinced of his role of an actor who's walked away from a steady gig and is now resorted to taking laughable roles in lame PAX movies... wait, what? You mean that wasn't his role?

*ponders this*

Seriously, though... I'm rereading Link by Walt Becker, and I'd forgotten how interesting it is. That of course has nothing to do with the two main characters being... oh, just go check out the webpage... if you're a 'Gate fan you'll get it >g

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