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For your amusement... today's "Drabble" cartoon.

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Not that I'm convinced that Superman really would beat Batman, mind you. Brains vs brawn and all that ;)

Earlier today I did read a "fun" sv fic, where there were Pete and Clark defending Batman and Spiderman...saying who would beat who and the author made that Lex defended Flash. so that strip was even funnier ;)

regarding Batman vs.... watching JLA....I'm thinking they're making Superman quite 'soft' since he's supposed to be more powerful and not to crash on the other side of the room 'cause someone kicks him. But I think probably Batman would win everyone over JLA...maybe JJ not since he can get 'transparent' but Bruce is the smarter one of them all so.... :) (yup I also like bats, who doesn't?)
Bats kicks ass. I don't know how anyone could not like him.

It's also worth keeping in mind that Bats supposedly (at least in the comics) has his 'protocols' on how to take out the other members of the League, just in case he needed to take them out for some reason.
That's a bit of arrogance on his part...because who's going to take him out? if he turns evil or something, he could take out the rest of the JL and then who would stop him?
I guess they'd have to bring someone in that he wasn't able to take out in order to take him out ;)
yeah, true, but shouldn't they all have the power to take the others down? so all was fair between them....just in case? (Shouldn't there be a failsafe so the rest of humanity if the JL turn 'evil' have a chance to take them all down?)
Well they can't make it TOO easy... because that's just such a nice, dramatic plot device ;) I think it would be possible to write a story in which all but one of the characters goes darkside and the remaining character is able to take them out... it would just be a matter of playing to that character's strengths and knowing the 'bad guy's' weaknesses.

There is a JL episode where the League, all except Flash, is possessed by some kind of bad mojo, and he has to save the day. Needless to say, he does ;)
awww, why I hadn't seen that episode? (Oh, yes I know why.....kazaa is hell). Now that I think about it, do you know if there's some webpage where I can download the episodes directly? Because there's like a lot of mess on the kazaa tittles and it's hell to find certain episodes.
I don't know about any webpages... but if you a) have AIM and b) are on a broadband connection, I can transfer the ep in question to you directly.
aww, that's lovely, but don't think it will happen since I only have dsl not broadband (and now it surprises me you don't remember me having aim *sniff* ya don't love me anymore or what?! ;-)). It totally sucks but that's the best type of connection I can get over this side of the city.