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I just registered for a JLA discussion board.

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Oh yeah
And have fun chatting with the 12 year olds - physically, not just mentally!
Re: Oh yeah
Okay, I can't figure out how to start my own thread with your new layout. (Other than going back out to my friend's page and commenting from there. Is there a button?)

Anyway, I kind of enjoy your JL discussions, because Hubby likes Cartoon Network, and it's easier to sit through a cartoon if it has 'ship :)
Found it :)
It says "comment" and it's right under your icon. I feel soo much better for finally getting it, but it makes me "duh" myself for missing it the first three times.
Re: Found it :)
Heehee... just blame me. I'm always changing things around. Gotta keep you guys on your toes.
I'm shocked!

...that it took you this long! I'd have figured you'd have started your own list by now.
*giggling a LOT*

I love watching people with shiny new fandoms...