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JLA ponderings

So Lois is married to Superman... or is she married to Clark? How does that work?

And speaking of alter egos, take Bats and Diana. Like Lois and Supes, he has a secret identity, she doesn't. Say they decided to hook up, what's less problematic: to be a couple as Diana and Bruce Wayne (and have people start wondering about a connection between Bruce Wayne and the Justice League) or as Diana and Batman (and have to maintain the Bruce Wayne persona as the womanizing playboy on the side)?

These are the kinds of things I think about when I'm driving between Stockton and Oakley twice a day.

Well, and I think about the driving, of course. Unhuh.

Actually I figure if I just keep posting about this stuff, sjhw_tolerance will eventually write me B/D fic.
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*sigh* How do I love the cartoon? Let me count the ways...

At least S1 and S2, back in the old format. I've yet to make up my mind about S3... although there have been two very good episodes -- For the Man Who Has Everything and Kid Stuff -- that I would be more than happy to share with ya ;)

As for getting you those episodes... I can transfer it over via AIM if your connection speed is reasonable :)