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JLA ponderings

So Lois is married to Superman... or is she married to Clark? How does that work?

And speaking of alter egos, take Bats and Diana. Like Lois and Supes, he has a secret identity, she doesn't. Say they decided to hook up, what's less problematic: to be a couple as Diana and Bruce Wayne (and have people start wondering about a connection between Bruce Wayne and the Justice League) or as Diana and Batman (and have to maintain the Bruce Wayne persona as the womanizing playboy on the side)?

These are the kinds of things I think about when I'm driving between Stockton and Oakley twice a day.

Well, and I think about the driving, of course. Unhuh.

Actually I figure if I just keep posting about this stuff, sjhw_tolerance will eventually write me B/D fic.
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*grins back*

That is a possibility, and I've read more than a few fics this week where Bruce and Diana end up at a charity function together, and are seen together. Dancing is usually involved ;) In fact, there was a JL animated episode where that very thing happened. It still seems risky for the guy with a secret identity, though, although maybe I'm giving comic book villians too much credit ;)

Makes me think, though... I'd love to read a JL/Bats fic where his alter ego is compromised.
She's married to Clark. Superman just goes on as the nice alien who saves lives ;)

But with Bats and Diana it would be totally different, in my opinion, because as you point out Diana has no secret identity so it's kind of more complicated because both Lois and Clark are "normal people" while in the possible relationship of Bats and Diana there would be onle Bruce as "normal person" it's not exactly the same, probably the most logical would be for them to hook when Bruce is Bats and then when he's acting like Bruce being alone or maybe creating her a "normal person" alter-ego so she can be with Bruce as Bruce.

*waits for the download of 104* (yup, all addiction thanks to you & Flash)
She's married to Clark. Superman just goes on as the nice alien who saves lives ;)

That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. Although it means that in his 'Superman' persona he can't act too terriby concerned about Lois' well being (like he did in the, er, movie).

I think you and Becc are right about Bruce/Diana being more workable than Batman/Diana... if for no other reason than the villians in Gotham would totally be on his case about it ;)

104... which one is that?
Hmm... well, having never read the comics, all I know about JLA is what I've picked up from the fic I've read, and I'm sure in one of them it said explicitly that Diana doesn't have an alter ego. And in the animated series I know for a fact she doesn't, since she's always flying around in civvies ;)
No problem, you're welcome :) Well yeah, by common sense he can't really act too concerned (neither as the movies/the show) but I have no idea how exactly they had managed it (probably they don't put her in as many risky situations *g*).

104? The one I'm idea of the tittles name, I'm hoping Flash is in it ;) it's not the same if he's not around! *bg*
*looks at tv tome*

Well if you don't count the fact that these are all two-parters... episode 4 is Paradise Lost. And yeah, Flash is in it... the only ones who aren't are GL and HG.
okay, saw that one :)

by the way you know where I can find a whole list of the names of the episodes? So I know if the downloads are correct or there's any type of messing up in the numbers and such? :)
Okay, the very scary thing today was that I found myself thinking about Diana and Bruce...just popping into my head and wondering about their relationship, etc. Yikes! I've been reading the fic too, and wanting to read more! ::wails:: I just might have to write that fic. But first, I think I need to read more fic.
*does her evil laughter thing*

If you need more recc's, there's some on Meljean's site.

Speaking of Meljean, I really do need to send her some nice gushy feedback for IDL. Heehee.
So Lois is married to Superman... or is she married to Clark? How does that work?

Well since Lois knew that he was Superman when they were married (at least in the L&C vers) that I don't think it matter. But what L&C did make a point of saying that Clark Kent was the man Superman was just his job. But back to your question I don't think she could actually legally marry an alien.
That's certainly the cheapest way to do it ;)

I've seen all the episodes of the cartoon, but they changed the format this season to allow for a whole lot more guest stars, and all the guest stars takes away from the characters I want to find out more about.
*sigh* How do I love the cartoon? Let me count the ways...

At least S1 and S2, back in the old format. I've yet to make up my mind about S3... although there have been two very good episodes -- For the Man Who Has Everything and Kid Stuff -- that I would be more than happy to share with ya ;)

As for getting you those episodes... I can transfer it over via AIM if your connection speed is reasonable :)
That's certainly the cheapest way to do it ;)

Not to mention the sanest. The first thing anyone finds out when they get into comics via another medium? There is no one canon continuity. Both DC and Marvel have rebooted multiple times; what was true 20 or 10 or even 5 years ago in either universe may not be true any more.

People who've been following a character or team all their adult lives sometimes end up whimpering in corners. Poor unsuspecting fans of a movie or TV adaptation who wander in unawares can get lost and never seen again...
Man, I've only been exploring the non-animatedseries areas of the characters for a few days and I can SO already see that. Just the differences between the animated series (What they're currently calling JLU) and the JLA comics are pretty significant, I think. I don't know how people do it.
*chuckle* I only know the barest bones of DC continuity, and most of my information is two or three reboots outdated. (I read Teen Titans for most of the 80s.)

Then again, I know a lot more about Marvel (and particularly X-Men) continuity, and it's still barely the tip of the iceberg. Mostly because I went cold turkey several years before there were THIRTEEN X-titles for a while there.

Their own writers can't keep track of them. But fans keep trying...

The nice thing about it is that you can cherry-pick comics background stuff to inform your toon fic as you see fit. Unless they decide to use that element on the series, and use it differently, nobody has a leg to stand on to tell you you're wrong. Not that some probably won't try, but they won't have a leg to stand on. Anyone who tries to be a purist is already cherry-picking anyway, so you can feel free to ignore them when they're hypocrites about it. ;->