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Hi, I'm Petty. Nice to meet you.

I probably wouldn't be complaining about this if school hadn't been such a screw-up today, but...

Darren on GW asks me to get my SG1 reviews to him by the Monday after the episode airs. So far I've been pretty good at it... I've only missed Icon, which I submitted last night... and oddly enough it's the one this season I'm proudest of. I've been doing these reviews since Disclosure... S6.

He's usually pretty good about giving my reviews a mention in the departments area of the index page. Which I'm happy about. I mean, I don't think it's terrible to want people to know that the reviews are there and to read them. It's not like I get any feedback on them, besides people from LJ... and sometimes Morjana ;)

But anyway... I'm an eensy bit teed off that the person who has been writing the Atlantis reviews, all five of them, gets her (his?) review for Childhood's End in the Stargate News: Latest Headlines section, and has given her (him?) a bio page?

I'm being stupid, aren't I?
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No, I dont think you are being stupid at all.

I find it strange to be putting a review in the latest news section, that just doesnt make sence to me, a review not being news and all. And the bio thing, I dont think there even needs to be one.

Strange things indeed.
I took a longer look around, and on the staff page, this Taylor person is the only person with a bio page. Not even Darren has one up for him.

Very weird indeed.

Of course now I'm annoyed that Lex is still listed as an SG1 review when she's only reviewed one ep this season ;)
I'm being stupid, aren't I?

NOPE! I think that you are justified in your Pissedoffedness.

Its not fair that this person who had done a grand total of 6 reviews gets prime positon vs you who has been doing this for ages!

I'm all for a protest.

So no one else has this? Hrmph, that's just not right. Maybe try in a roundabout way give Darren the not-so-subtle hint that you'd like the same. Like write your own bio and send him a note saying "I guess you missed getting my bio. Thanks.", or something like that. I'm sure you can come up with something better. ;)
It may be that this is exactly what this person did -- gave him one unsolicited, so he went ahead and tossed it up there. Predicting the consequences of how people will view things isn't exactly Darren's strong suit. *wry g*

See what happens if you send him one, and/or suggest he drop an email to other staffers saying "Hey, Taylor submitted a bio, seems like a keen idea, would you like to send me one too?"