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Speaking of Justice League...

Mara Greengrass has a new BM&WW fic up on, You're Only Human, Second Wind. It's a sequel to Hesitation Change.

Watch out, though, sjhw_tolerance... it's post-Star Crossed. *hides*

I can't believe I've been sucked back into this frigginfraggin show again. Ah well. Might as well embrace my continued loss of sanity.

ETA: While I'm plowing through FF's selection of JL stories (man, there've been a lot written since Star Crossed), here's some more reccs:

Odi, Amo et Excrucior by aratcorien: shippy Bruce angst. And the sequels: Never Ending Night and The Divine & Conclusive. I can't honestly say they're great, but they're good for And they'll have to do until Sue writes me some cartoon smuttage ;)

ETA: Guh. I just hit paydirt.
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