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I've created a monster... yippie!

So Shelby, my 9-year old cousin for those who don't know, watched tonight's Justice League episode with me (Hawk and Dove). The ep itself was rather dull, but Diana was very cool and PMSy... and she actually looked kind of hot in the beginning, I thought. You know, for a cartoon superheroine.

Anyway, I mentioned the episode Kid Stuff to Shelby, and since she has watched JL episodes with me in the past (the pilot and Comfort and Joy) she was interested. So we watched it... and then she wanted to watch it again.

Then we watched For the Man Who Has Everything.

Then we watched Hereafter (and I tried to not get teary when I saw HG).

Now Shelby's going around driving people crazy quoting Kid Stuff. She even requested the caption for this icon.


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