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IOC Says No to Olympic Bloggers.

Dirty bastards.
The IOC's rationale for the restrictions is that athletes and their coaches should not serve as journalists -- and that the interests of broadcast rightsholders and accredited media come first.

Yeah! We can't have, like, normal people talking about their own experience without the people in the IOC's pocket someone there to hold their hands. Obviously Katie Couric and Bob Costas are much more qualified to report on what the athletes are doing than the athletes themselves are. Pshaw.
Participants in the games may respond to written questions from reporters or participate in online chat sessions -- akin to a face-to-face or telephone interview -- but they may not post journals or online diaries, blogs in Internet parlance, until the Games end August 29.

Really, in a way I feel like this is academic, because I think these athletes, specifically the Americans, have bigger things on their minds during these two weeks than getting online. They should be celebrating with their teammates, soaking up the culture of Greece, and taunting the French team with tiny American flags and rude hand gestures. But it still chafes me that the IOC has the nerve to get up in the faces of these athletes and coaches and others and tell them that they're not good enough to 'serve as journalists', when the members of the IOC wouldn't be nearly as well off from all the bribes without said athletes and coaches
To protect lucrative broadcast contracts, athletes and other participants are also prohibited from posting any video, audio or still photos they take themselves, even after the games, unless they get permission ahead of time. (Photos taken by accredited journalists are allowed on the personal sites.)

Gah. Dirty elitist bastards.

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