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Hey mylo1012, this one is for you ;)

Ananova says there's a group in Holland that wants to ban the word 'thin' from the dictionary because it's insulting to underweight people.

The group, called Small Intestines Anonymous, claims to represent people who struggle to put on weight. It says the word 'thin' is a term of abuse used by 'fat over-rulers' to put down slender people.

The organization wrote to a Dutch dictionary publisher demanding that it omit the word from reference books and plans to present a 3,000-name petition on the topic to the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences.

You know, this would be funny if-- well, let's be honest. It is funny. But it's also just one more example of the kind of fragile-egoed, crybaby wimps our culture -- whether it be here or there or whatever -- is bringing up. It's sad.
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hahaha.......... o yeah they are prob dutch, blond and thin and feeling soooooooooo misunderstood in our little country and prob didnt get that modeling job they wanted

i like what the dutch spokes woman said "You don't change a language by just erasing a word."
I'd just call it an example of Looneys With Lawyers, personally. But it's really freakin' funny either way...
Okay, so I admit I hate being called thin, but I wouldn't go that far. That's rediculous.
Hehehehe, this =is= funny ;-)
And I like what that representative said.
It's not about language, it's about peoples' attitudes.

I don't mind much when people say "My God, you're so thin!"
I less happy with "Oh my God, you're so skinny!" cos usually that means they're automatically thinking "She =must= be anorexic". Just because I'm thinner than average doesn't mean I'm mentally ill and starve myself.
Deleting a word from a language doesn't change that attitude.
Looneys with Lawyers indeed..