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So I guess the next Stargate novel is written by a Julie Fortune?

Well, Google says this is her.

Daniel junkie, borderline JD slasher, one-time Daniel/Janet writer and loooover of Ashton zines.

Oh yeah, I'm so going to be rushing out to get this one ;)
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I've never read any of her stuff, but I've heard that her fic in general is in character for whatever show she's writing for at the time :) (as in character as fic can be *g*). And plus, I've heard people whose writing I like say how good she is.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Mm... just from looking at her site, I'll be happy/surprised if she remembers the black guy and the blonde chick.
Hey, you never know. *looks at site* Ooo, Sam het (yeah, it's with Daniel. Heh). And Sam fic too. Woo!
Actually, she writes excellently. I love some of her X-Files and Pretender fic.
I've known her for years and she's one of the best writers out there today.
That's nice to know, but there are plenty of 'good' writers out there whose stuff I still wouldn't touch ;)

Call me skeptical!