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Realigning the troops

Reuters: Kerry to Attack Bush Troop Withdrawl Plan


Okay, so according to Herman, bringing our troops home from Iraq -- a war that he says he would support all over again -- should begin in as little as six months. But apparently fifty years of overseeing things in Europe and Asia, ever since the end of WWII, is not enough time.
The Democratic presidential nominee also will say the military realignment plan sent the wrong message to countries like North Korea, where the United States has been working to deter Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programs, the aides said on condition of anonymity.

Like 30,000 are really going to stop Kim Jong-il from storming across the DMZ? Kerry's always saying that we need to do things along with those wonderful allies of ours. In his capacity as a US Senator, then, the course seems obvious: go talk those foreign leaders who love him so much into sending their own troops to Korea.
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