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Smart Quote of the Week

"I'm not very politically involved. And I don't like to talk about it. I mean, if you say you're a Democrat, that'll turn off Republicans and that's half your fan base."
- Lindsey Lohan

The 18 year old figured out something that, say, the Dixie Chicks (and other yappy Hollywood libs) have yet to deduce. You go girl!
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Lindsey Lohan. Wasn't that the girl who made it into the media for fighting with another actress over having the same boyfriend? Not exactly who I'd pick to take my political advice from. ;)
Come on... I didn't say I was building a shrine to her in my backyard, I said it was a smart quote... especially from someone her age.
I'd have had more respect for her if she said she didn't base her political opinions on whether or not she can make fans. That just seems to me kind of shallow.
Actually, it's good business sense. Like if I owned a shop and put a Bush/Cheney sign in the storefront. It's my right to do that as an American, but I risk turning off people who don't agree with me and thus losing customers.
You would. But you wouldn't go around telling your customers that you're not putting up the Bush/Cheney sign because you're afraid you're going to turn them off.
I have to say - congratulations on having the most offensive LJ icon I've seen this week.
I never thought you were the easily offended type. I've seen many more offensive icons just today. I mean, isn't it a valid point?
The 18 year old figured out something that, say, the Dixie Chicks (and other yappy Hollywood libs) have yet to deduce.

"Speak only fluff and carry a big pocketbook?" *eg*
Oh, she's adorable. And I think she is very bright and pretty savvy. I hope she doesn't go too far with the "I'm supposed to be sowing my wild oats now" philosophy. The logic isn't bad, but the oats available to someone in her position are pretty darn wild and can easily get out of hand even if you're not 17.

From available information (which can only be trusted so far, of course), I'd put my money on her out of the current crop to emerge from teen queendom with a viable adult career and hopefully even as sane a life as one can manage in Hollywood. Ten years from now I might be going "what the heck made me think THAT?", but there's no way to know until it comes.