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Winfrey Picked to Serve on Chicago Jury

CHICAGO (AP) - Oprah Winfrey was picked to serve on a jury at Cook County Criminal Court. Winfrey walked into the courthouse Monday through an alternate entrance to avoid crowds. But officials said once inside the courtroom, she wouldn't receive any special treatment.

The talk-show host had told reporters she didn't think she'd be picked because she's too opinionated. But Winfrey added that if she were selected, ``I'm just hoping it doesn't take longer than a week because I've got shows to do.''

After Winfrey was selected for a murder trial, Judge James B. Linn was asked how she was picked.

``This was a straight-up jury selection,'' he said.

Last week, Cook County sheriff's office spokeswoman Sally Daly said Winfrey was among some 300 prospective jurors scheduled to appear at court Monday.


"I'm just hoping it doesn't take longer than a week because I've got shows to do.''??

Well yeah, and God, it's only a MURDER TRIAL.

Get over yourself, you stupid [censored].
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Hey. Have you served on many long trials? It's not that easy to give up that much time.
That would be the only consideration, but by that token no boss should ever be on a jury.

Anyway, it's the summer. Even Oprah's show's gotta be in reruns.
She didn't say she wouldn't serve or that she didn't want to serve. She said she hoped that she wouldn't get a long trial. I've been on juries where you knew it was going to be long and almost every single person didn't want to be on it. Not that they didn't want to serve, but because it's an inconvenience to your regular life.
Trust me. I've heard worse. And all because she's a celebrity doesn't mean she doesn't have the same feelings about serving on long jury trials. Unless you think celebrities get less rights or something? ;)
Nah, they're just the most convenient to mock cause every stupid thing they say is published ;)
Alli, I really disagree here.

When you walk into the courthouse for jury duty, you have no idea what you're going to picked for. She didn't know it was murder. (Wanna bet that was random sending her to the higher-profile crime? Some clerk on a power trip thought it would be fun.) She could have been going in for a five week trial over some white collar crime that was mind-numbingly complex and results in some fall guy getting 18 months parole for signing the wrong papers. I had a friend who spent days in court away from her young children (including a nursing baby) over two guys arguing about tractor ownership/theft of said tractor.

Furthermore, a long trial becomes your life while you are on it, and a delay in her taping shows means the little guys who work on her show don't get paid for that period of time. She is the only indispensible person on that show. When she doesn't tape, she lets down fans who set aside time to go to her show, too. It's *hard* for *lots* of people to get off work. Wanting to live up to your obligations is not self-centered.
*gasp* We disagree on something? No way! ;)

Anyway, like I said to Yam - and have been discussing with my mom - there are the 'little people' to think about, but the statement still comes across as self-centered.
I have rarely heard it put as politely, actually. And no, I'm not talking about people who don't believe in the system or in doing their civic duty. I'm talking about ordinary people who hate to have to completely set aside their entire lives for weeks at a time. No doctor visits, no sick kids allowed, no normal life.

Most of the responsible, normally polite people I've known swear loudly and vehemently. Unless they've never served before, that is, and then they don't always know what it's like.
Point in fact, most murder trials either plea out or are overturned within the space of three to six days of going to trial. Additionally, I know I'd be bitching about having to be a jurist for a murder trial. When I did my jury duty earlier this year, I whined about it incessantly and that was just for three days.

Yeah, it's our civic duty. Yeah, it completely destroys your life for the X amount of time you have to do it. And like it or not, it's not just her life that gets put on hold. She's got over 100 employees depending on her presence on-set for their livily hood.

Personally, I think it was a stupid stunt-decision on the part of the defense team and hope that the judge realizes it and dismisses her quickly.

Maybe she could have said it a little better, but *shrug* She has a point.
Get over yourself, you stupid [censored].

*raises eyebrow* And any of us would say differently if asked? If you would, more power to you.

I've got a house to get ready to sell and work that would be piling up in my inbox. If I got called for jury duty, I'd be insane not to hope it went quickly. That doesn't mean I don't think it's important. It just means that importance wouldn't make my other commitments go away, or make catching up on them when I got back any less of a pain in the ass.