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Just watched Resident Evil. SciFi was showing it but I didn't want to bother with commercials and cutting and so I obtained it from, ahem, other means.

Surprisingly good and not-terribly-corny for a zombie movie. I don't know anything about the video game the movie's based on -- at least I think that's how it worked -- but I do like Milla Jovovich.

The end was eh... definitely creepy but I still wish they hadn't been so mean to poor Alice and had at least let her keep Spence around.

Poor Rain and Kaplan. For horror movie characters they were pretty awesome.

Watched 13 Going on 30 again tonight since dad was home.

Tomorrow... I'm definitely going to sleep in, and then I'm thinking about going to see The Village. Might find out if Jamie and Michelle want to come, or I might just say to heck with these people and go see it myself!
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