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So I missed the first few minutes of Icon because the insurance guys were here, and that kind of made me lost. So I'll have to go back and download it and watch it again before I write the review. But I liked it okay. Can't really say more until I get a second look.

And now, for Atlantis.

So, so glad to get an episode at last where Teyla had more to do. I loved the scene where she came in during the Athosian meeting and gave them the little speech about hanging with the Earthlings, and I thought Halling's comment about Teyla wishing the humans were the ancestors was interesting. It may shine some light on why Teyla took to them so quickly.

Besides Shep being a babe, of course.

Bates, the Mean Sergeant was, well, an ass. Sometimes I wish they wouldn't always make the guy with an opposing viewpoint a jerk, but I guess he served his purpose -- besides, Weir basically went along with what she said and she wasn't a total bitch about it.

Liked how Teyla went after Whiskers at the end, by herself. It wasn't all that rational, but I can totally understand her wanting to prove herself. Even though it totally wasn't her fault -- since Shep was the one who saw the necklace, picked it up and turned it on -- it was still something on her person that brought the Wraith to wherever Shep's team was.

Bates said that Shep was sticking up for Teyla because of personal feelings! Hee!

Speaking of sticking up, I thought it was totally great how both Ford and McKay were immediately on her side. Ford... for some reason I kind of expected him to stick up for her. Hopefully not cause he's just a brotha' ;) But McKay... that surprised me. In my mind, the Old McKay wouldn't have minded going through someone's stuff, which tells me that he's (a) grown up and (b) he and Teyla, and the whole team in fact, have bonded. (And they've done it in ways that evidently did not include Weir. As I think it should be. Not cause I have anything against ol' Lizzie but I think as the leader she does need to hold herself apart from some things, at least this early in the game).


Shep was frigging hysterical at the end. And Shep and Ford -- "You're like a kid".


Needless to say, really liked this.

I dig this show.

In other news... got paid yesterday. Cleared just under $400 after taxes. Not bad for 7 days of work. I have to go to work tomorrow, too, for a workshop on the new reading program the school is using. I don't get paid because this isn't a mandatory thing, but it's a programs that's supposed to be gaining speed and it'll be something nice to put on a resume. That's 8-2:30, and then I might go to Big O to get my tires rotated. And at some point this weekend I really want to go see The Village.

Busy busy! Ick ;)


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