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Done done done :)

Six logs from fieldwork (3 from K, 3 from 5th) and I added a nice little addendum about why I think Seesing shouldn't be allowed to take part in the fieldwork program next semester (I left out the fact that I'd like to see him fed to a pack of genetically-enhanced rabid mutant monkeys). I recounted my experience on the 11th (you know, the one I ranted about here in detail ;) and how I thought he was a lazy, irresponsible weenier and I felt story for his students. In slightly nicer terms, at least *g*

Not that I think anything will come of it, but at least by letting others know I feel the ball is sort of in someone's court now.

But man oh man... my last day in the class I really wanted to take some of the students aside and ask "how do you feel about your deadbeat teacher? No, really, you can tell me".



Time to run these over to the Ed building. And look, the sun is out...

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