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Holy sacrifice fly, Batman!

Don't ask what that means. I don't know. It's 1am and I'm pooped. But happy pooped.

Got back from the game about half an hour ago. Dad's already passed out; he has work tomorrow. Me, I got nothin'. So I'm babbling on for a bit before taking some sleepy-making cold meds and passing out.

Eight runs for us in the first against some pitcher guy who was supposed to be good. That was actually all the scoring we did, unfortunately, because the Cards played pretty good small ball and got a home run, piecemealing it up to a 8-7 game in the top of the ninth with no outs. It seemed that our pathetic bullpen was once again about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Then my boys turned a beaut of a double play and Jason Christiansen finally got us out of it with a simple ground-out.

I don't think Dad or I will have any voice in the morning. Earlier today, my throat was sore for cold reasons. Now it's raw for screaming-at-smarmy-Cards-fans reasons.

Okay, okay. There was no screaming at either Cards fans or players. Only jeering. Happy jeering. Because it was a tight game that could have gone either way, and one we probably would have dropped if their starter hadn't been as utterly messed as he was.

We took BART and MUNI there and back. Soooo so so much better than driving.

*smooches kismatt*

On a completely different subject...

*waves hands to get starfinn's attention. Did I overhear something about you and Lola and Bri going to Marine World on August 7th? Because I know I said I couldn't go, but that was before I had a source of income. So I was going to invite myself along and maybe come with my brother James and his gf Michelle because I really don't want to drive all the way out to Vallejo by myself *g*

Okay. Going to bed now.

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