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Atlantis: Thirty-Eight Minutes

The geeks will be having a feild day trying to figure out if this ep contradicts any previous 'Gate tech cannon.

I like the format of having the backstory told in flashbacks. I love flashbacks. I love starting from the end and moving forward.

McKay was great with the self-destructing thing.

Weir was cool... she knows she has to be a bit of a hard-ass if she's going to keep control of the situation.

Shep was the brave little leader. The defibbing thing wasn't the most brilliant plot twist, but putting him in Gate-statis helped.

Teyla was nice and concerned, but still needs some good character moments. Next week's ep might deliver that, from the looks of it.

Ford really likes putting his ass on the line, doesn't he? Two weeks in a row.

Not totally sold on Shep/Weir. It's just so... Jack/Daniel. Now... Weir/McKay... there's possibility there ;)

Seriously, though... at this point I'm just enjoying the ride. And enjoying seeing Brad's name on stuff again! Yay!

And Stargate SG-1: Zero Hour

I'm obviously going to review this in detail later, but... good ep, very funny in spots, and touching, and sad, and warm-fuzzily. Gary got to walk and talk to people. Jack got to angst. Sam got to sulk. Daniel got to snip. Teal'c was awfully smiley. Reynolds got himself a smooch from moi. Two things I didn't like: the pacing was slow at times, and the end was rather anticlimactic.

Still, a better ep than last week. Actually, I think Lockdown should have come after Zero Hour.
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