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Watching the news, and there's a guy from the 9/11 commission with a flowchart that seems to be proposing a National Intelligence Director.

NID! Bwahaha!

I had a dream last night that Joe (2001/2010) was going to be on Atlantis. The Aschen had dumped him in the Pegasus galaxy for some reason and they found him and added him to their staff. And that of course made me think of the Ren and Stimpy episode where they find the planet where all the left socks that disappear in the dryer go to.

So I was wondering... if there a planet where all the "left socks" in Sam's life are banished to? Martouf and Narim and Orlin and Joe all sitting around playing backgammon... and then the Portal to the Other Side opens, and a figure steps through, and Orlin goes "I know that man. He once tried to sell me dog food."

*waits for it*

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