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Fruedian slip

Okay, flipped over from the baseball game to the DNC, and I swear Kerry just said something about kids suffering from asthma because of "hair pollution".

Also... does the dude realize that his little campaign slogan ("help is on the way") is the same one that Cheney used 4 years ago at the RNC? I mean, I realize it wasn't exactly unique then, but c'mon... find something original. Aren't you paying people for that?

And where's a makeup person when you need them? His face is melting!!!
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Speaking of Cheney, things overheard at Saddam's trial:

"He was on the run for 6 months, lived in a hole in the ground for three months, and has been in prison for 6 months - and he still looks better than Chaney!"

True. Last person I'd want becoming President if anything every happened to 'dubya would be Heart Attack Cheney.
I particularly hated the little 'warm fuzzy film' they showed to 'get to know the cadidate better'. If I have to listen to another slew of Vietnam Vets gushing over what a hero he is and how great he is I think I'm gonna throw up.