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John Edwards' Convention Speech in Fifteen Seconds:

"Waahh! The world doesn't like us anymore! We have to make France and Germany like us again! Look at my beautiful hair and pneumatic eyebrows! Now let's bring out the Kool Aid!"
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I wonder how many people besides me get your reference to Massachusetts? I did because I live here. Or am I reading too much into it? It's so late, need to go to bed. :)

Like the picture, they look so refreshing and boyish. This will all be beaten out of them by November.
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I wonder how many people besides me get your reference to Massachusetts? I did because I live here. Or am I reading too much into it?

Well, unfortunately for some people, the Massachusetts thing has become a stock joke. Kind of like Florida and recounts ;)
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I work the the local DA, and he had me spend several days looking up statutes from as far back as the 1600's to show why the local DA's shouldn't have to enforce the out-of-state ban against issuing licenses. My thought personally is, if the people are happy, who am I to interfere? Two friends of mine who have been together for over 25 years, which is of course way longer than the average for heterosexual marriages, got married last month. They are so happy, who has the right to tell them they have to live unfulfilled lives?

Sorry for the rant.

We aren't enforcing (or prosecuting) for violating the out-of-state ban on licenses. The DA's all rebelled, saying there's enough crime without adding that silliness. The state is supposed to be doing it.
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I don't mind the rant :) I mean, personally, this isn't about being happy or fulfilled with me. I want people to be happy. I just think we should preserve the traditional definition of marriage and use another word for something that is... something else :) But that's me. And I don't live in Mass. *g* On SanFran, thank God.
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It's way too expensive to live in either place.

I can respect your feelings (OMG that sounded way too patronizing, I'm sorry) about marriage. It is kind of weird still to think about. I think the "marriage" language is so that it can maybe have federal implications.

Not trying to be confrontational or be an asshole, sorry. Just going with the thought :).

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Don't sweat it... totally respect your feelings too :)

I live in the Bay Area, sort of a far-flung suburb of San Fran, and heck yeah it's expensive!
*Aardie snorts* That's just too cute. I am so glad I never need to know anything about US politics. Here in Australia it is easy - leader, opposition, and a whole bunch of piss-ants trying to choose sides of the coin.
Well yeah, there's that too ;) But Johnny's just inordinately obsessed with what Europe thinks of the US, whereas polls show most Americans just really don't care that much ;)