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'Cross-posted' from SamandJack and SheppardandTeyla

Hey all,

Sorry for the shameless self promotion. Because it really is shameless. Oh yes it is ;)

From my explorations on YahooGroups while there's an Atlantis slash fic list and an Atlantis fic list that takes anything, there was nothing geared specifically towards family-friendly stuff. Well there is now!

You can still post just about anything... other than slash, explicit ship or adult themes (such as really really heavy violence).

Basically, if this fic were movies, they would be movies you wouldn't be embarassed to take your kids to ;)

This list is also available for Atlantis discussion, especially where it relates to fic.

Here's the addy again: Come on, you know you want to come hang out. I'm such a nice mod, after all.

Feel free to pass this on to other places.

*/shameless self-promotion*

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