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Doc's "Trial by Fire"

Finished Doc/Sabine's novel tonight. Really, really enjoyed it. So much better than those other books. In fact, you can't even compare those other books to this one. I got a wee bit lost in some areas and it's definitely one that's going to be reread so that I can catch all the little things I know I missed. But overall, it was fan-freaking-tastic. I love the fact that a non-Stargate fan would be incredibly lost if they picked it up and tried to read it, as well as the fact that it's set so recently.

If you haven't gotten your hands on it yet, I've typed out a little excerpt that really got me (it's the hormones, I swear). Hopefully no one will mind... I'm only doing this in the hopes that it will get people to buy this book, various publishing PTBs!

"He'd been there. He'd been there and watched while Baal stripped his best friend of pride, hope, humanity. Daggers and acid corroding Jack's very soul and that indomitable will to survive, until he fell and fell and fell to pieces, one painful bit at a time; only to wake up in a sarcophagus, alive for hell to start over. And Daniel had watched and listened, listened as screams mutated into animal sounds, and he'd done nothing. The one time when flouting the rules would have mattered, he'd obeyed. He'd offered Ascension. Offered disembodied, spiritual existence to Jack who, sensual as a child, lived by touching and feeling his world. Jack who, bound to his senses and his infinite capacity to care, saw further than Daniel's blinkered enlightenment would ever have allowed him. Jack who refused and paid the price for who he was over and over and over again, until he begged for that one final death."

Now, obviously I'm not one of the "DANIEL AND JAK ARE BESTEST FREINDS OMG!!!" crowd, but, dude, she just gets it so right. I mean... I actually like Daniel in this story! Woo! Someone smack it out of me before it becomes permanent!

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