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Another hasty update

First actual day of panels today. A couple folks who haven't been on Stargate, but they were good speakers. Andrew Jackson was great. Gary Jones was hysterical. Teryl was sweet and very funny, as always. We had the costume contest tonight... Sel was a Jaffa woman and Denise was Niirti... they both looked great. There was also a woman dressed up as 'bride Sam' waiting for the regulations to be abolished. From the sounds of things there are a lot of shippers here.

Eric Avari just gave us a preview of his one man show, which was wonderful, and now there's a short pause while the first half of the auction gets set up. We've got great seats. I'm sure there will be very... interesting pictures.

Tried to call Tere yesterday from Horizons but my cell phone would not cooperate. We're thinking of you, hon!

*hugs to all&

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