Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

Just a quick update from Vancouver. We got in last night and met Aardie and LittleMissSciFi, and of course Stef. Our room is very nice... Denise and Sel have their own little cave of a room so they can sit up typing all night if they so wish. Stef, Sue and I are in the actual bedroom with a nice big King sized bed. At the moment we're waiting for Stef to get back from dropping off her rental car, and then we (Sue, Sel, Stef, Sio and I) are going to go to some hot springs an hour and a half from here. Not sure how long we'll be out there, but in any case I imagine we'll do the registration thing tomorrow.

I sent postcards out this morning, so hopefully they'll get into the States before I do.

Denise is off this morning rubbing elbows with people on behalf of GateWorld. Katt, Bri, Kelly, Ann and Andrew are all supposed to get in later today. And then the real destruction fun will begin!
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