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Why do I do it?

Go skipping through irritating folks' ljs, I mean. Probably the same reason I go to Gateworld and why I used to go to SG1Fans back when it was really fun ;) Plus the whole procrastination factor.

Anyway, wrote an... interesting piece on ship and slash and how canon Jack is het. And, as she predicted, the howls of outrage began ;) The usual, of course, about how Sel's nuts (not that that's news to her *g*) and mean and illogical and yadda yadda. But it just amazed me how much yapping there was about it, the same things said, over and over and over... running in proverbial circles. And, you know, I think that happens for the same reason we go read the LJ's of people who we know have their ***** up their ***** -- we just love to know when we're being talked about, love playing the wounded solider, and so on.

I mean, I agree with Sel, which I guess isn't surprising considering that I'm Just Another Homophobic SJHW ;) But that aside... it's funny, isn't it, how easy it is to get a rise out of people?

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