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Another post from Iraq the Model

What shall we sue you for, Saddam?
For what?.....For what!?
For murdering millions of Iraqis? For the torture you used against anyone who dared to oppose you or even against those you doubted their loyalty?
Or for the impoverishing Iraq and her people and wasting Iraq's fortune?
Or for the fear we lived in for thirty five years; the fear that made us die a thousand times a day, we were getting scared to death when someone knocks on the door or when the phone rings or when we see one of your wretched dogs watching us in the street or at work.
We were getting scared to death when we see a look of anger in the eyes of your Mukhabarat and we'd go back to review everything we said that day; have we criticized someone? Did we not smile when your 'great name' was mentioned? Did we say anything that offends your "immortal party" even with a hint?
What shall we sue you for?
For your innovated methods to terrify people?
For chopping off tongues, hands and years?
Or for burning the prisoners alive in front of their friends to make them see, hear and smell pain and death?
What shall we sue you for?
For Halabja? The city of tears, pain and sorrow.
For Al-Anfal? For turning the desert of Iraq into a huge graveyard after crushing the uprising? Or for the endless humiliation that forced us to walk bending our heads with our eyes looking at the ground?
For stupid wars that cost millions of lives?
Or for mass graves that we still don't know their number?
For millions of our educated youths who left the country to get out of your hell?

Where are your supporters and where are your loyal servants?
Why didn't we see millions cheering your name or calling for your innocense?
Why didn't any Iraqi lawyer accept to defend you?
We reject you and we'd like to expel you out of our minds forever.
We�re nothing like you and we�re not going to treat you the way you treated your opponents when you grabbed power.
We�re going to get a fair trial and you�re going to have lawyers to defend you and we will listen to you although you refused to listen to us for thirty five years.
We will not start our new life with mistakes like you did; this is a new Iraq, an Iraq that neither you nor any of your fellow criminals can recognize.
The new Iraq is totally different from what you wanted or planned in your sick mind.
This is the Iraq where everyone listens to anyone even to criminals like you.
The people of Iraq have judged you decades ago, from the first day you came to power.
Your denial to the people's judgement didn't do you any good; all the killing and all the torture you did will haunt you.
This is the moment to carry out a sentence that was agreed on decades ago.
I cried when I saw you in that cage because it took a very long time to happen and it has cost us a lot.
We hope that the world will never allow such a crime to happen again.
A whole nation had her history written with tears and blood and pain and humiliation and death.
Please do not let this happen again.
Let's learn a lesson from the suffering of Iraq.
And let's make it a trial for the history that caused all this to happen, not only for Saddam.

By Mohammed.

ETA: From Yahoo!News: Warheads with mustard, sarin gas found in Iraq

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