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Just realized

I didn't update about my job situation.

For those of you I didn't tell in chat tonight... looks like I'm working at Dainty again -- on call next week and working the day after I get back from Gatecon, then on Tuesday and Thursdays and perhaps Fridays after school starts back up.

It may not be full-time, but part-time is better than nothing. I have $17,000 in loans from school (which I have to pay off at least $60/month), about $700 on my two credit cards (mainly from Gatecon) and my next semester of school, now that I have no scholarship, will be about $4,300. And then there's my car insurance, which my parents have been paying since I started driving about 4 years ago.

I know it's small potatoes next to responsibilities that most of you guys have -- cars, houses, kids -- but it'll so wonderful to get some of this paid down. A lot of stress off my mind.

Now, I only talked to one of the office people this afternoon, so I'm not sure I'll actually believe all this is true until I actually sign a timecard!

Oh, btw... this lovely icon is from mebfeather.

On a different subject, I'm finally starting to get back into reading SG fic, which is an important step for getting back into writing SG fic. So I'd love it if peeps could recc me some of their faves. New, old, gen, ship, I don't care. Just keep in mind that I only read one kind of ship ;)

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