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Two down...

Well, done with music, almost. We have a take-home final that's due by next Thursday at 1300, but there are only 10 questions (and a couple are 'what do you think' questions) and I looked them over and the fact that I did basically no reading and took hardly any notes shouldn't factor in too much. Since I did all the homework all only missed two classes (one for Gatecon, one because I was watching UnSel for the third time and couldn't be bothered *g*), I think I can pretty well expect an A in that class.

Of course, it's only a two-unit course so the A kinda means diddly (at least compared to Art (bleh)< CW and Spanish), but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Speaking of Spanish, I have my last test tomorrow, so Raquel and Arturo and I better get down to bidness studying. Ooh, and I got an 'excelente' on my essay. Yay me *eg*
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