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Well hullo hullo

A new place to rant. This could be interesting. It could be dangerously obsessive, but it could also be interesting.

33 days left until this cursed semester ends, not that I'm counting or anything. Of course, at some point in the next 33 days (less actually, but I'm trying not to think about that) I have two papers to write. Two big ass papers that I have absolutely no motivation to even start. At least in the history and politics class I took last year I had some interest in what I'm writing about.


My fic muses are working along with my professors, too; they've seemingly decided to go on strike until I finish said papers. Sorry, everyone...

At least fandom is looking up. Not that it's actually getting any better... more like I'm getting back to the point where I can laugh and shake my head and rant a little and move on. And laugh some more. All in all I will be so so glad when Meridian airs in the US and I can stop cringing in anticipation.

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