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Doobie doobie dooooo

So I went to the ranch this weekend and had a pretty good time. I went horseback riding, and swimming, and fed a deer some lettuce. We took the kittens up with us, and although they didn't like the drive so much, I think they had a good time.

Watching Enemy at the Gates on TNT. Sucks with the commercials and cutting-up and whatnot, but I still think it's a pretty good movie. And hey, there's ship!

Predictably, the list had to go all nutty while I was gone. At least most of it seems to have blown over now -- the big stuff. I'm sure the echos will continue. The Sam-Friendly stuff is especially perplexing. I think it's nice to show support for a character, but I think it does open a can of worms about what it means to be 'for' or 'against' a character. Because characters, like the people they are meant to be patterned after, are neither black nor white (well, the well-writen ones aren't, anyway). There are things we like about them and things we don't. And when there are things we don't like, we tend to want to find someone to blame for that -- the writers, the directors, the actors. And then names get tossed around, people get their dander up...

Can open, worms everywhere. *points to icon*

My advice to people is just to stay polite and respectful. I believe that most of the time you can have all the dissenting opinions in the world and still manage to keep friends if you hang on to the dying art form of civility.
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