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Historical revisions

The historical society in a Massachusetts town is so worried about language on historical markers being offensive to modern sensibilities that it has taken to placing covers on them, reports the Boston Globe.

The markers in Deerfield, Mass. mark spots where, in 1704, French and Indian forces attacked settlers. Some contain references to ''savages" and ''Negro servants" that are now considered offensive.

Where one marble tablet originally read, ''Mary, adopted by an Indian, was named Walahowey. She married a savage, and became one," it now reads, ''She married a Kanien'kehaka and adopted the culture, customs and language of her new community in Kahnawake."

One couple said they were incensed by the changes.

Rose and James Matthews wrote in a letter to the historical society, ''We condemn your attempt to create a warm and fuzzy feeling for our Colonial history because of political correctness or personal attitudes. What will you do next? . . . [claim] the hatchet marks were actually tooth marks made by tall mice seeking shelter from the cold?"

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