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* Examen 3 tomorrow

* Presentation Dec. 16
* Children's book due Dec. 16
* Outline of GO biography
* Final Reflection due Monday

* Take home final due Dec. 19

* 3 hours of 5th Grade by Dec. 17
* Reflective journal due Dec. 17
* Response journal due Dec. 17

Creative Writing
Done! Just have to run my revised stories (which are nothing to write home about, but who cares at this point?) over to Knoles Hall by 3 and I'm doooone :)

I was supposed to finish up my fieldwork hours today, but after my Bitch O Rama last night I just didn't want to even look at the bastard. So I woke up at 7, decided not to go, went back to sleep, woke up at 7:45, remembered I told Deborah I would take her, drove her down to Victory, came back, posted a few more parts of Sleepers, then decided to go back to be at 10ish. Woke up around noon. Heh.

I put in new contacts this morning, my last pair, and... they're predictably screwy. I know I put them in right - I have a different prescription for each eye - because I had a little sticky note that said R: +5.75- 1.00 x 170 and L: +6.00- 1.50 x 10 (translation: "you're blind") that correspond to the labels on the little bottles. But they just weren't sitting right. So just now I switched them and, well, I think they might be better, but still not right. Gah. I'll give them a few more hours... sometimes I forget that it does take a little time for the contacts and the ole eyeballs to get comfy with one another.

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    ... especially when one is already hormonal and prone to weepiness. Damn you, Fringe... *wipes eyes*

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