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Look ma, more wankers!

A bank branch on the high-crime south side of Chicago is accused of being racist because it requires customers to go through a metal detector on their way into the building, reports ABC7.

Protestors are demanding an apology and that the magnetometer be removed from the Bank One branch at 81st and South Cottage Grove.

The Rev. Michael Pleger of Saint Sabina Catholic Church called the situation, "pure racism, racial profiling, black while banking, it's stereotyping, it's sending every negative message you can send."

State Sen. Jacqueline Collins agreed. " When Bank One only enacts such restrictive access and displays such offensive signage within this African American community, then this policy becomes demeaning, disrespectful, and discriminating," she said.

And the first time a criminal got into that bank with a gun and, God forbid, killed or injured a black person someone, these same people would have been screaming that Bank One didn't do enough to protect its employees and, therefore, is obviously run by racists.

Anyone want to defend these idiots? I feel like being argumentative ;)

(Story via Tongue-Tied.)

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