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Mary Sue meme

Harry Potter stories:

Is Lupin Back? by Allligator
Summary: Allison Perkins meets Remus Lupin and they fall in love. They get married and a job opening opens up at Hogwarts, Allison applies for the job. To know if she gets the job or not and to see what happens with her and Remus. READ! And REVIEW!

I Won't Walk Away by allison malfoy1
Summary: Draco is in love and it is with voldemorts kid and voldemort warns love can be deadly and if you hurt my princess of darkness it will become deadly .And BEFOR I EVEN START I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE HARRY POTTER PEOPLE BESIDE ALLISON RIDDLE AND JAMI POTTER.

Dude, I can't decide which one is more pathetic.

Lord of the Rings stories:

Aww, none. Pity.

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