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I basically posted all this on SJ, but hey... ;)

The fishing invite, natch, gets the first mention. Very cute, and, I have to admit, unexpected. I loved "Yes... it's always something, isn't it" and "Fish... fish s'more..." Because any shipper worth their, um, powers of projection knows what "fishing" really means *bg* And doncha just love how they had to put people in the background (in the elevator) when Jack was leaving? Otherwise I think Sam's line "Come on, sir, we both know the only reason you ask..." would have had a slightly different ending :D

Yam and Ness... I know you two are going to have a field day with this ep ;) I have to say that I found their scenes very cute. I mean, I think Sam and Jonas are really cute -- just not shippy cute. You know, people said that Sam and Daniel were like siblings (hence the whole sibling rivalry thing they seemed to have going on). I would say that Sam and Jonas are more like... first cousins *g* I think this is just the kind of thing that people ask for when they ask for more shows of friendship between the characters (the Jonas and Teal'c convo about fishing was another gem... think Jack's ever going to invite Jonas? ;)). AT and CN are both such fine actors, and I'm sure at least some of the camaraderie we see with them is them, as well as Sam and Jonas... if that makes any sense.

It seemed a little strange to me that Sam would be so ready to say that stress was what was causing Jonas to see these things. I mean, hello, Ascension? Ringin' any bells? Anyway, I was happy when she apologized -- I wonder when it dawned on her that she was doing the same thing to Jonas that was done to her. And, ya know, that just isn't right.

*wonders why SAM couldn't have gotten giant bugs, and JONAS Orlin-the-kicked-puppy*

Jonas. God he's adorable. I'm trying real hard not to think of next season and just... revel in the adorableness while I can.

I'm wondering if they're planning on bringing Vernon back at some point. It seemed like a lot of work for a one-shot character.

And hey... two weeks in a row (forgiving Sky their inability to count...) that Sam's lied to someone. Heehee.

And one more final shallow thought: I hope Jack got to see Sam in those civies. Roaw. *g*

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