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This'll be a quick update since I'm pretty tired, but I thought I should let people know I made it through Jamie's graduation in one piece :-D Although I did get rather sunburned.

We came home from the graduation around noon and I slept for a few hours. Then I went down to the school to help mom and dad and the other volunteers set up for Grad Night (dad was in charge of medical and security). I think it was pretty cool -- there was certainly more stuff to do than 4 years ago! There was even a fireworks show a half hour into it. The whole thing went from 9pm to 6am; I got there at about 730pm and left at 2am, finally got to bed around 3am, and slept til noon yesterday (Sunday). Then the Metters came over, we had dinner and did a little swimming, Jamie got his graduation present from my aunt and uncle (a downgraded version of the lappy I have, with some graphics stuff that might some day help him GET A JOB).

Speaking of, a whole week has gone by and I haven't heard anything from Dainty. I'm inclined to say 'the better the devil you know...', but I'm fed up. There's another day care center, Sunsine House, that has 'branches' in both Oakley and Brentwood, and they're looking for teachers, so I'm going to call the Oakley one tomorrow. And then I'm taking Shelby to see PoA. Yes, I'm going to be seeing it again. So terrible. Oh woe is me.

That '5 Days to Midnight' starts on SciFi tomorrow. I think I might give it a try, as it looks kind of interesting. I just hope it has a better ending than the last SciFi miniseries I wasted my time on.

Hmm. I guess that's it. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

10 days til the baseball game!
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