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Looking at the bright side

1. The Spanish test got pushed back to Friday
2. By this time tomorrow, the whole creative writing reading thing will be done
3. I didn't get lost driving to the Caffeine Den, and so far no one has contacted me about needing a ride
4. I only have 6 hours of fieldwork left
5. After tomorrow, I don't have to see Prof. Arnold again... ever, I hope
6. Only two classes of art left... and Wednesday, I don't even have to actually do anything

As I was driving back from art... it was really weird: there's this sunken playing field across the street from my dorm, and this gigantic cloud of thick fog is drifting off it. I could barely see to park, and my headlights were doing that cool thing that Mulder and Scully's flashlights did in XF ;)
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