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Fandom rant time, whee!

Just reading some of the TS/onion's posts over at TS-land... *shakes head* Firstly, you can tell when the newbies have already read The Pit from cover to cover, the same way you can tell when Señor French Fry has (six episodes? Hmm, only one place has been spouting THAT lie...). Pretty sad that these folks can't even think for themselves, instead of falling for the party line of "If you like Daniel, you should hate Stargate!"[TM]

Because that's what it's turned into. A campaign is one thing; there are plenty, and most of them are as utterly ineffectual as this one. But the TS are trying to incorporate all of their bitching and ranting into the campaign as well, which completely destroys any and all credibility they might - and I do say might - have had. Name-calling does not change minds, 40-page nonsensical rants don't change minds, bombarding studios and offices with hundreds of letters from the same 10 people is actually a way to get youself ignored ASAP... and if they think any differently, well... that's foolish. But we knew that.

The problem is that the people on this little Daniel Jihad are so completely convinced of their rightness that all tactics are acceptable. It's not quite 'the means to an end', but it's close, and it's the same mentality. And then they have the audacity to complain when someone raises a Teal'c-like eyebrow and says 'hold on, wait a minute, don't you think this is a little over the top?'. Of course any such person must be both ignorant and a 'troll', right? And someone who isn't a fan of the 'team'.

Funny. I don't see anyone on The Pit who wants to save The Team. Save The Team is just the 'neat' way to say Save Daniel By Capitulating to Michael Shanks' Bigheaded Demands. Save The Team means Get Shanks Back as the 'Rightful' co-Star of SG-1, and Keep The Black Guy and Blonde Chick Where They Belong... Somewhere in the Background.

The Sam Envy has actually grown to freakish levels. But what can you expect when Señor French Fry himself is helping to drive it?

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