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Open house

I went with my cousin Shelby and her parents to her open house. While I was there I stopped by and saw my old second grade teacher, who I haven't seen since... probably 1990. But she remembered me, or at least my dad, since he brought the ambulance back then for the class to see. My uncle, who has kind of an 'in' with the principal, pointed me out to her and she came over to introduce herself. She said that when I'm ready to do my student teaching they would love to have me, and that they love hiring local people.

Of course, this is way cool, but it also makes me worry. I don't know what the chances are of UOP letting me do my student teaching out here (45min-1hr away from campus). If I really want to do my student teaching out here, and perhaps get hired out here -- and I do -- I may have to finish my credential at Cal State Hayward or somewhere that is more flexible about student teaching placements.

I know I have some fellow teachers on my friends' list -- what do you guys think? I mean, I know first of all I need to ask the UOP placement people. But if they say 'no, sorry, all of our placements are in Stockton'... do I hope that my 5 credential units that I have so far will transfer over to another school? Because I'm just not driving out to Stockton or Modesto or Tracy or something every single day for student teaching -- that's 30-40 miles each day and I'm not going to put that many miles on my car (and spend that much money on gas) for a 'job' i'm not even getting paid for.

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