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I stayed up til almost 3am last night to finish my new DK book, The Taking. I didn't want to gobble it all up in the space of 12 hours, exactly, but it got so freaky during the last half that I was afraid I would have nightmares if I didn't get some kind of resolution. All the same, I still was awake for about a half hour after I finished the last page, cuddling my kittens far past the point that they actually wanted to be cuddled.

I'll have to reread it before I can really make a great deal of sense reviewing it, but it was good... not as enjoyable as The Face but more than Odd Thomas. There's no real humor or romance in this one, but there's still the sense of a mixing of genres. Horror, science fiction, supernatural, and a hearty dose of what I like to call the 'religious thriller'.

The last few DK books have had a very personal feel to them... protagonist versus antagonist on a small scale, with most of the general public unaware of the goings on. The Taking is much more epic, even though it focuses almost completely on two residents of a small town. In a way, it made me think of the movie Signs.
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