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I have the new Dean Koontz book... yippie!

And I found something really amusing via InstaPundit: If the Media Treated Basketball Like They Treat the War on Terror.

Laurie Malkin: Wow! That's Shaq's 15th dunk of the night!

Peter Brokaw: Yes, yes Laurie -- like anyone cares about how many dunks Shaq gets.

Dan Koppel: (Yawn) Oh, I'm sorry everybody, I was falling asleep hearing about Shaq's dunks. Like there's anyone in the audience who'd want to know about that.

Peter Brokaw: MY GOODNESS, Shaq has missed a free throw! Shaq! Has! Missed! A! Free! Throw!

Dan Koppel: How can these Laker fans be expected to sit through this type of drubbing Peter?

Peter Brokaw: I just don't know Dan, I just don't know....hey, wait a second! Jihadis small forward, Deir Atta, has run into a group of small children in the crowd, yelled something about "infidels", and has blown himself up! What a tragedy...

Laurie Malkin: Oh my God! What sort of psychopaths are these Jihadis?

Dan Koppel: Now Laurie, I didn't want to say anything, but earlier today as I was coming in the building I noticed that Gary Payton turned down a young Jihadi fan who requested an autograph. So can we really say that the Lakers haven't done anything just as bad as the Jihadis here today?

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