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I. Am. Done.

*relishes those words*

I have forty million things left to do for school the next two weeks, including a revised section of "Paviale's Creation" or "Me Too" or "In the Closet" for Tuesday's reading... but I'm done with Sleepers!


Pre-edit... 129 pages, 8 chapters, 65,115 words, 365,585 characters. With spaces. And of course I have to read it one more time, then send it to my wonderful if slightly insane beta *cough*Yam*cough* so she can find the inevitable plothole and I can hopefully refrain from strangling her and/or myself. But right now, I don't care!


Ooh... I want to make coverart. Haven't done that in ages. Maybe a little back-of-the-book preview. I suck at those, though.

Hm. Hee.
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