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I had a lot of weird dreams last night. Like... a lot. But the one that stands out was the one that was 24-ish. Now, I have no interest in 24. I've seen two episodes since I've been home and that's only because my parents watch it. But anyway, I had a dream that that Tony guy (I think that's his name) was actually working for the bad guys. It was quite dramatic ;)

Oh, and kismatt... what do you think about this wireless router? And where would I look to see if I have a "2.4GHz wireless adapter"? I mean, I know I have a wireless adapter, I just don't know the speed.
Netgear aren't bad wireless routers. Personally I have Cisco Linksys routers, but Netgear is fine for home use.

The idea behind this router is that you'll plug it directly into your broadband connection, and it will share that connection between 4 wired computers and a number of wireless computers. Is that the setup you're likely to have?

If your laptop is new, which I believe it is, then you have a 2.4 Ghz wireless adapter. Unfortunately, I don't know a way of telling without looking at the physical box whether it's a 11 Mbps (802.11b) or 54 Mbps (802.11g) adapter. If you the booklets or box that your machine came in, then that should tell you which one you have. Chances are that it's 802.11g, which is the faster of the two.

That help at all?
Thanks Rob :) I just found the paperwork and for the wireless thingy it says "Dell Wireless 1350 (802.11b/g) internal wireless. I guess that means it'll work with both?

And yeah, my baby is brand-spanking-new... it should do everything, including make my bed for me ;)
Yep, that means your wireless card will work with both 802.11b and 802.11g access points, although 802.11g is 5 times the speed of 802.11b, so I'd definitely go with the former.

Make your bed, huh? Now that should be interesting to see!
I've pointed out the router in question to mom and she's planning on sending dad to CC tomorrow while they're having a sale, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Of course, I have to keep my priorities in check -- the new Dean Koontz book also comes out tomorrow :D
Let's see. Another book to read, or internet access from anywhere in the house on an ongoing basis. I think I know what I'd be choosing, and it's not the book!
So getting a book is better than being able to use your lovely new laptop from anywhere in the house, whenever you want?
True, but once the book is read the book is read. The router will provide months and years of enjoyment from anywhere in the house.
I find I can't re-read too quickly as I remember all the scenes to well. I have to leave it a couple of years or more, unless I particularly liked the book.
Yeah, rereading books is always best when you don't remember too many of the scenes. But I can usually reread the best ones every few months.
I go back and read my favourite scenes occasionally, but I find it has to be a long time before I can re-read an entire book.