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Baby birdie update

Woke up this morning with Dad telling me there was serious tweeting going on in the garage but he couldn't tell from where. I went and sat out there for a while, trying to triangulate the sound which isn't easy when there are so many hard, flat places for the sound to bounce off of. Then I was afraid to come in because my old cat, Tiger, came in and was looking very interested. Suddenly, I look down on the garage floor... and there he is. Looking just like a little hairball. My Dad grabbed me some gloves and I put him back in the basket -- with some difficulty; he's a feisty little dude -- and then took the basket back out to the backyard. The retaining wall, in specific, where all the trees are. He got out on his own and hopped around among the plants for a while. Then the bird we're hoping was mama bird showed up in the tree overhead, and they tweeted to each other for a while. And now baby birdie is no longer there.

So either the adult birdie showed him the way home, or took him home for 'lunch'.


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