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At this moment in our garage there is a little baby bird sitting in a laundry basket furnished with an old blanket. We saw it in our backyard this morning... dad actually found it sitting on the pool cover, probably hiding from bigger birdies that wanted to eat it for an early lunch. We put it in the basket and sat it out where we thought the mommy birdie might see it and lead it home, and when we looked next it was gone. Well, a couple of hours ago my cousin Shelby fished it out of the pool, again, and the poor thing was wet and cold and I couldn't leave it out there in the chilly wind. So... it's in the garage. Poor little thing.

Finished Anne's House of Dreams. Sniffled over Joyce. Thought the plot twist with the Moores was very nifty.

Now for some links of interest.

By Mort Kondracke: Congress, Media Could Talk U.S. Into Iraq Defeat

Arafat Oppresses with West-funded Forces

Archbishop Defends Communion Stance: Says abortion-rights officials should refrain

Editorial: Convention as Farce.

And the political joke of the day... "...John Kerry had a meeting with independent candidate Ralph Nader. Afterwards, Kerry said 'The meeting didn't go as well as I had hoped, because my gun jammed.'" (Conan O'Brien)
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Um, hon, baby birds have an exceptionally high metabolic rate, and you should probably call a wildlife person immediately or it could starve in - depending on the age and species - a matter of hours. Check for a wildlife rescue hotline.
That's what I was afraid of :( I really don't know who to call, though... I mean, this is a suburban area.