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Just got back from the university convocation and dinner. The convocation was interesting... the speakers were Maxine Hong Kingston (mealy-mouthed twit), Janet Leigh (very cute) and Ted Olson (hilarious). The latter two are Pacific alumni and the first is a Stockton local who's gotten books published, plus she's a mealy-mouthed twit so of course she's got a big fan club on campus ;) She spent her five minutes yakking about making the world a better place through singing songs and written poems and smelling flowers or some other BS, and then told the graduating class to make better electronic voting machines. Yeah, whatever.

Ted Olson, who is the solisitor general (top lawyer) for the US, has never done a graduation speech before and he said he was afraid of making the boring, sleep-inducing 'this is how to succeed in life' stereotypical speech, so instead he gave a hysterical 'this is how to fail in life' speech with lots of great quotes and pretty brilliant turns of phrase. I was glad that he was the final speaker... almost made me forget about the hippie.

We had a nice dinner at Chili's afterwards. It's kind of scary thinking that I have to do this again tomorrow. Man I'm going to be tired. But I can't wait to see everyone! Eee!

PS. Oh yeah! My mom signed me up for this SF Giants Xtreme Rewards thing... basically you pay the fee and you get a tote full of Giants merchandise, rights to buy tickets before other people, and you get entered into a prize drawing every month. Well, I won this month's prize! It's a baseball autographed by our closer, Robb Nen -- we're actually waiting for him to come off the DL from elbow surgury, but he's absolutely the best closer we've had. They're going to mail it to me -- I'm jazzed!

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