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*bangs head on desk*

Okay, so I should be finishing up my Spanish homework right now. But I'm not.

Had my first day of 5th grade fieldwork today, and what a day it was. I was there from 8:25 to 2:25, the entire time, and had a mixed reaction.

The high school, middle school and kinder fieldwork I've been doing this semester was... okay. It got progressively better, I mean. HS sucked, MS was... eh, K was pretty good. But I just didn't have that level of interest or enthusiasm that I've had in the past, which was kind of... worrying, I guess.

Anyway, I did quite enjoy observing the kids today, which makes me feel better because obviously I just needed the right setting to 'click'. The subject matter, the students ability to communicate but not be too disruptive... I think it's just what I want. Which makes me feel good, because 4th-5th has been my goal for a while.

The thing is, this teacher whose class I'm observing is gonna drive me nuts. Apparently he's new; one of the other teachers there told me he's had "classroom management problems", and boy do I see it. The guy can go off on tangents like no one I've ever seen. Sometimes they're okay tangents. I mean, if you stick to the lesson religiously, you're missing out on other kinds of learning oppertunities. Especially when the questions pertain to the material. But at one point, you have to get back to the lesson. And then he goes and complains about not getting things done, and blames it on the students!

Argh... I have more to rant, but I should probably save it for next week ;)

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