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Oh yes...

I spoke to Doc last week and asked her about the progress of her up-coming Stargate novel: Trial By Fire. Here's what she says:

"Looks like [the release date] is definitely going to be the first half of June now. MGM have got back and were making happy noises (which is nice of them), so all that's got to happen now is for me to get the final batch of tweaks from the editor."


Tomorrow is move-out day, so I'll be away from the comp for most of the day. But if anyone needs to get in touch with me, well, most of you know what my cell number is or where to find it ;)

ETA: is now saying 85 degrees F for my graduation day. Not great, but better than 90, which is what they were saying before.
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I spoke to Doc last week...

Yay! I went to Amazon UK to see about pre-ordering it, but I wasn't amused when I saw that they were going to charge £1.99 on top of the price of the book (£5.99) as it was a 'hard to find' book. When I saw that, I decided that I'd just wait til it was published and go back to Amazon then.

Thanks for the update. :)
Have fun moving out. Sniffles seems like yesterday we were discussing your high school graduation. How quickly they grow up.
Wait a minute... oh my, I've been out of the SG fandom for far too long, I'm thinking. This is... the same Doc we were all impressed by back in the day when a couple of her stories were at Heliopolis? I remember threads where people would suggest her story and then people would debate on whether or not she was a 'shipper, etc.

Wow! Go her! That's freaking awesome. I'm... wow. That's really nifty.
That is so absolutely, positively sweet. I would definitely prefer her SG novels over... what was her name? Ashley McConnell. Not to subtract from McConnell's abilities, but... I dunno. Just didn't like them as much as some fanfic I read (yours definitely included, as well as Doc's and a few other favourite writers) - and I'm not even thinking in shippy terms, but just plot development, style, etc.